A Valentine for Mr Fox

Not so much achy breaky as lumpy bumpy!
not so much achy breaky as lumpy bumpy!

Finally plucked up the courage to show you the hanging heart I made for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure it turned out quite as I’d hoped, but it was done rather on the hop (so couldn’t even resort to my passion for kits to help!). My toy stuffing hadn’t arrived (I’d ordered it at the last minute), so I had to fill it with cotton wool pads instead… The Fox household doesn’t really much go in for Valentine’s Day – a box of yummy chocs on the sofa, and we’re happy. But this year I suddenly wanted to make something, to show that I care and don’t take us for granted.

patriotic passion from Jan Constantine
patriotic passion from Jan Constantine

The fabric is from a scrap bag of wovens I bought at a craft show from The Eternal Maker. I thought the colours and patched look was romantic, but still manly enough! I love Jan Constantine’s designs – she uses the red, white and blue theme in such a great way. I’m getting into stitchery and redwork (I have a cute “I love to sew” stitchery pattern by Mandy Shaw – just need to stitchery it!!!), so used a scrap of Aida and red embroidery floss to make the patch. The tiny heart button is from my stash of freebies from magazine cover mounts (I think from CrossStitcher mag) and the ribbon is from one of the many tiny reels that I can’t stop hoarding.

Buttons, lovingly gathered and shot by Kittyeden
buttons, lovingly gathered and shot by Kittyeden

The final touch was the dark blue button. The button itself was part of a pack I bought from Kittyeden – I don’t know how she did it, but she lured me into buying these, plus a pack of pink and lime buttons so zingy that they could be prescribed as a pick-me-up. They are gorgeous, and I knew would come into play on the heart. The button I chose was blue for a boy, but has this amazing pattern on it:

and now for the science bit . . .
and now for the science bit . . .

Mr Fox is intrigued by astrophysics and all that stuff (why? no idea – he even admits that it makes his brain hurt so I like to tease him about it – check out this book by the totally engaging scientist Michio Kaku).  To me, the pattern on the button just screams ‘science’, so was just perfect – where else am I ever going to find such a perfect marriage of astrophysics and haberdashery, hmm?

I’m expecting my token of love to be hung by Mr Fox’s desk at work to be gazed upon when he thinks of me. However I suspect it will rest in his bottom drawer, to be quickly whisked out and displayed if I happen to visit him at work. Oh well, I’ll have to think of something else to sew for him next year. ANY IDEAS?! What can you sew for a man?! Help, I’ve only got 11 months, 3 weeks and 3 days to think about it!!!